PARDS Submitting a Request


Submitting a Request

Cancellation of Removal and other Waiver Claims, Submitting a Research Request (DOC, 46.0KB)

To submit a research request, contact the agency for current instructions. Content of assistance request must be accurate and contain, per full disclosure policy, all requested information. Said requests must be submitted timely, received and accepted by the agency in writing, either via E-mail, FedEx (call for FedEx forwarding instructions), or U.S. Postal Service (acceptance signature waived). Failure to waive the signature requirement will result in a delay of our receipt and acceptance of your request, claim, and/or payment, and may adversely impact upon the applicable deadline sensitive agency fee, and/or our ability to timely satisfy your request. Written, itemized estimates of the applicable service-specific, deadline sensitive agency and expert fees are available.

Consistent with the agency's full disclosure requirement, attach a complete, legible, unredacted, one sided copy (do not use staples) of the claim form, Report of Investigation, government documents, supplementary affidavit, etc.

Those requesting, either a report-specific analysis and rebuttal in context of a `Report of Investigation' emanating, either from the Virginia based Forensics Document Laboratory (FDL), a U.S. Consulate/Embassy based Fraud Prevention Investigator, Department of State spokesperson summary of the latter should call PARDS for clarification regarding our disclosure and submissions requirements, forwarding instructions and an estimate regarding professional fees and completion dates.


Provide the following information:

  1. Complete name of a relative, friend, or associate with whom the agency can contact and discuss your case and research requirements

  2. Complete street address

  3. Office phone number

  4. Home phone number

  5. E-mail address (high volume capacity)
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